ZTE USA's introduces Blade Z Max on MetroPCS

ZTE USA, the fourth largest smartphone supplier in the US and second largest in the no-annual contract market, has announced the evolution to its award-winning ZMAX smartphone series with the ZTE Blade Z Max, the company said.

This value-packed smartphone is equipped with a 6-inch Full HD screen, dual-rear cameras, expandable memory and a super large 4,080mAh battery. Available for pre-order online today at https://www.metropcs.com/BladeZMaxComingSoon.html, the Blade Z Max will be available in select MetroPCS stores starting August 28 for only USD 129 MSRP.

Coming in at under USD 130 MSRP, the ZTE Blade Z Max is equipped with a 16MP and secondary 2MP rear-facing camera, and an 8MP front-facing camera.

It comes with a powerful 4,080mAh battery that puts any of its competitors in the dust, you can talk for up to 31 hours straight or keep it on standby for 22 days.

ZTE USA (www.zteusa.com), headquartered in Richardson, Texas, is a subsidiary of ZTE Corporation, a global provider of mobile devices, telecommunication systems, and enterprise solutions. Operating since 1998, ZTE USA is dedicated to making cost-efficient, quality communication technology accessible to all. ZTE is ranked by independent industry analysts as the fourth-largest supplier of mobile devices in the US overall, and second-largest supplier of prepaid devices.