ZPE Systems unveils new services router

ZPE Systems has introduced its Nodegrid Services Routerâ„¢ (NSR), a modular x86 open framework appliance designed for software-defined networking (SDN), SD-WAN, network function virtualization (NFV), DevOps, remote & branch offices and out of band (OOB) management capabilities, the company said.

NSR is optimized to perform various network functions including switching, security, WAN acceleration, provide secure OOB remote access, run Docker applications and control IT devices at the edge of the network, retail & remote office locations, and within converged infrastructure (CI) environments.

NSR is modular, with services cards for networking, OOB serial & USB, failover to cellular, Wi-Fi connectivity, compute and storage. Designed by industry veterans, NSR has the latest generation of networking switch backplane for SDN and utilizes a multi-core Intel CPU to run concurrent NFVs on Nodegrid 64-bit Linux OS. This combination enables flexible interfaces and dependable non-blocking networking capabilities on an ever-evolving open platform for lightning-fast response times.

NSR accelerates deployment of physical and virtual network functions, with a modular platform for the Edge, Cloud, CI and Data Centers. NSR keeps networks safe, running robust enterprise-grade security, encrypted data transit and consistent policies. NSR cuts hardware costs by saving physical space allowing for expansion, and reduces operational costs by keeping configuration current via ZTP automation.

ZPE Systems is the industry´s first provider of an “Open Infrastructure Management Solution” for in-band and out-of-band access and control of Network, Compute, Storage and Power Devices in both physical and virtual IT Infrastructures.

ZPE´s headquarters is located in Fremont, California with offices throughout the US and globally in Ireland, India, Brazil, Korea, China, Australia and Japan.