ZOOM International to Begin Transition As Elevēo

ZOOM International a worldwide provider of omni-channel compliance recording, workforce optimization (WFO), and revenue protection software for contact centers began doing business solely as elevēo beginning June 2nd, 2020, the company said.

For over 20 years, ZOOM International has been a workforce optimization software provider in the contact center industry. Very early on, we were approached to solve a compliance problem with call recording. We built a creative software solution in record time, and began a journey crossing continents, employing hundreds of colleagues, and eventually improving operations, compliance, and customer experience for thousands of customers in 94 countries via more than 550 channel partners in the communications industry.

ZOOM guides contact centers toward increased revenue and decreased customer attrition by elevating every customer encounter. More information can be found at zoomint.com or on Twitter @zoomint.

Elevēo was formed to provide simplified solutions for complex contact center problems. Elevēo products are birthed from ZOOM International with its rich WFO history, award-winning products, exceptional delivery & reputation for world-class service.