Zodiac EMASMAX system provides safe emergency landing at LaGuardia for distressed aircraft

EMASMAX has provided a safe emergency arrestment for VP candidate Mike Pence and 47 other people onboard an Eastern Airlines Boeing 737 at LaGuardia Airport preventing a potentially catastrophic outcome, the company said.

The company said the difficult landing in challenging weather conditions averted a potential disaster, extending EMASMAX safety record to 11 out of 11 successful arrestments.

The Zodiac Arresting Systems EMASMAX engineered material arresting system (EMAS) engaged the undercarriage of the aircraft, bringing it to a safe, controlled stop after the aircraft lost traction and slid into the overrun area of the runway. News footage worldwide showed all passengers exiting the aircraft with no injuries.

EMASMAX is a specially designed and developed bed of lightweight cellular concrete specifically engineered to each application to stop each airport´s unique fleet mix.
EMASMAX is manufactured in the USA by Zodiac Arresting Systems at its commercial products facility in Logan Township, NJ.