Zinnov rates eInfochips as established IoT service provider

Zinnov has recognized eInfochips as an established service provider of IoT technology services in product development engineering, listing the company in its Zinnov Zones 2016 Internet of Things Technology Services, the company said.

eInfochips´ offers technology services in sensors and devices engineering, software platform engineering and management, network engineering and management, and engineering analytics

The Zinnov Zones 2016 Internet of Things Technology Services analyzed the global IoT market and trends from point-of-view of both client and service providers. Global service providers were then rated on their IoT Technology Services competency across Zinnov Zones.

Zinnov is a globalization and market expansion advisory firm, with specialization in areas such as digital transformation, global sourcing and enterprise mobility. Zinnov offers advisory services to leaders in business and technology and works with them to tackle prevailing organizational challenges by analyzing changing dynamics, improving performance, and building institutional capability.

eInfochips is a global technology firm specializing in product engineering and software R&D services.