Zevacor deploys Interactive Intelligence unified communications service

Zevacor has deployed the unified communications and collaboration cloud solution, PureCloud Communicateâ„ , from Interactive Intelligence Group Inc. (Nasdaq: ININ), the company said.

Zevacor is using PureCloud Communicate to support more than 100 employees across distributed offices who field calls from patients seeking advice from nuclear pharmacists.

PureCloud Communicate uses microservice architecture built atop the Amazon Web Services Cloud for fast and continuous feature delivery, and maximum reliability, scalability and security.

Zevacor Molecular and Zevacor Pharma are subsidiaries of Illinois Health and Science (IHS), a non-profit healthcare system that specializes in enhancing patient care through strategic investments in healthcare-related opportunities.

Interactive Intelligence Group offers customers fast return on investment, along with robust reliability, scalability and security.