Zeva's vGAL makes end-to-end encryption intuitive

Zeva, Incorporated has developed a new service that makes sending encrypted email easy, the company said.

As a significant number of data breaches continue to occur on a regular basis, corporations and government agencies are realizing the criticality of protecting and securing sensitive data sent over e-mail. While most systems support it, less than 1% of e-mail is sent with end-to-end encryption.

Zeva´s virtual Global Address List, or vGAL, is a hosted service that helps a sender quickly and easily find the public key encryption certificate of a recipient to send an encrypted e-mail — even if that recipient is in a different agency or company. Since it is based on standard protocols, it is easy to integrate with existing directory systems. Once an organization begins encrypting e-mail, Zeva´s DecryptNaBox e-mail decryption solution provides a mechanism for data recovery without complexity.

By leveraging capabilities to encrypt e-mail, while maintaining the ability to perform data recovery for legal or e-Discovery purposes, organizations can significantly reduce a number of risks. The vGAL and DecryptNaBox technologies will significantly improve the ability of these organizations to protect sensitive data and mitigate the ongoing and evolving threats from cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Zeva is a woman-owned small business founded in 2005 as a Virginia corporation. Zeva provides software solutions and expert consulting for advanced cryptographic solutions to ensure the security of data and transaction processing.