ZeroOutages CloudDMZ Services to Assist with Virtualization of LAN

ZeroOutages, a service division of XRoads Networks, and a provider of SD-WAN deployments, has announced the launch of its CloudDMZ services, the company said.

The CloudDMZ service enables customers to deploy application delivery (data center servers) through an extended LAN environment with one-hop performance from the customer´s network to their private CloudDMZ infrastructure.

The CloudDMZ service is designed to assist customers and their MSP partners with the task of virtualizing the local area network (VDI, VoIP, security, etc), by essentially putting the customer´s data center within the ZeroOutages global SD-WAN network.

Virtualization is the process of moving critical network components from the local area network to the cloud. The CloudDMZ service accelerates this process by placing these cloud components directly on-net with the rest of the organizations secure SD-WAN infrastructure.

Some of the benefits of ZeroOutages CloudDMZ service include: improved security, greater resiliency of the network connectivity, easier deployment of new application servers, and fewer network hops between the customers local area network and their mission critical application servers.

ZeroOutages is a global SD-WAN services organization, providing secure and resilient network connectivity for SMB and enterprise customers along with their Managed Service Provider partners. ZeroOutages has one of the most extensive MSP partner networks in the industry and is dedicated to servicing this channel.