ZeroAvia develops zero-emission airplane to decarbonize aviation and reduce operational costs

ZeroAvia, a Silicon Valley startup company, has announced it has developed a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain to decarbonize aviation and reduce operational costs, the company said.

The solution, starting with up to 500-mile regional flights, aims to deliver the same performance as a conventional aircraft engine, and much lower operating costs.

ZeroAvia plans to start supplying its platform to commercial operators and aircraft manufacturers in 2022, initially targeting up to 500-mile regional flights in 10 to 20-seat fixed-wing aircraft.

The company is flight testing its powertrain prototype in a Piper M-Class airframe. The Federal Aviation Administration issued an Experimental R&D Certificate to ZeroAvia´s Piper M-Class R&D platform earlier this year.

ZeroAvia is a leader in zero-emission aviation with the development of hydrogen fuel cell powertrain solutions to address a variety of markets, starting with 500-mile short-haul commercial flights for up to 20 passengers.