ZeroAvia conducts UK's 1st electric-powered, commercial scale flight

ZeroAvia, a UK innovator in decarbonising commercial aviation, has announced it has conducted its first electric-powered, zero-emission flight of commercial scale aircraft, the company said.

The test flight is a significant milestone both for the UK´s net zero and green aviation ambitions, and for ZeroAvia on the journey to demonstrating long-distance zero emission flights in large aircraft.

The company successfully completed the first flight of the new version of its powertrain from its base at Cranfield Airport.

ZeroAvia´s innovation programme in the UK is part of the UK Government-backed Project HyFlyer. Funded through Innovate UK and the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI)-led Aerospace R&T programme, Project HyFlyer aims to decarbonise medium-range small passenger aircraft by demonstrating powertrain technology to replace conventional engines in propeller aircraft. The conventional powertrain in the aircraft will be replaced with electric motors, hydrogen fuel cells and gas storage.

ZeroAvia is a leader in zero-emission aviation, flying the world´s largest zero-emission aircraft without any fossil fuel support since the spring of 2019.