Zayo solution leverages dense fiber network in UK

A multinational bank has selected Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: ZAYO) for a private wavelength solution on dedicated fiber, the company said.

The 100G-enabled network will connect several of the bank´s core data centers located in the UK.

This flagship solution, which will serve as the bank´s primary network, fully leverages existing network, including assets from acquisitions and success-based builds. Capital expenditure for the project is largely limited to network components.

The trendlines for global banks and financial services companies reflect the move to fiber-based solutions for their bandwidth-intensive functions, including file sharing, large file transfers, business intelligence applications and data analysis. In this case, the bank is consolidating and streamlining its network for additional capacity and efficiency.

The sale is an illustration of the effectiveness of Zayo´s go-to-market strategy for the Finance and Professional Services vertical.

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