Zaptest partners with CA Technologies

Zaptest has partnered with CA Technologies, the company said, through which it is releasing an integration with CA Agile Central, a collaborative, enterprise-class SaaS platform for agile software development.

Using the Zaptest integration, CA users can store Zaptest scripts in CA Agile Central, execute scripts and store results, generate automation templates from Agile Central-based test cases, generate manual test cases, and auto-populate automation defects. Zaptest users on the other hand can use CA Agile Central as a default test management portal in supporting Agile/DevOps and waterfall-driven software testing processes.

Zaptest is a New Generation software test automation solution for testing applications Cross-Platform. Zaptest allows testing of any GUI based software on any modern OS, mobile or conventional including iOS; Android; WinMo; Blackberry; Windows; Mac; and Linux, and supports testing of Agile and CI (DevOps) development.

With over 15 years of industry experience implementing test automation Zaptest is optimizing enterprise testing processes that result in increased testing ROI by allowing organizations to reduce time and effort of developing and maintaining testing frameworks, and allowing testing teams to start test automation early in the development cycle.

Zaptest is a pioneer of software test automation and has been involved in advanced test automation innovations and implementations in USA and worldwide.