Zanroo chooses IBM cloud for global expansion plans

IBM (NYSE: IBM) Cloud has been chosen by market research and services firm Zanroo Limited as its preferred cloud provider, the company said.

Zanroo will leverage IBM Cloud and Bluemix, IBM´s cloud platform, as its key infrastructure and innovation platform to help improve the performance and scale of its innovative digital products.

Founded in 2013, Zanroo provides real-time brand monitoring, data and trend analytics, crisis prevention and management and digital research services with multiple-language support to clients in more than 10 countries.

The company has grown more than 400 percent over the past four years and now leads the Thai and Indochina markets, with six out of 10 banks, retailers, telcos, auto manufacturers, electronics brands and airlines using Zanroo social media tools.

With over 800 virtual machines spread across these markets, Zanroo began experiencing IT challenges, including unplanned downtime and outages and server sprawl.