Yuneec introduces Gimbal-stabilized 4K Quadcopter Mantis G consumer drone

Yuneec has announced a new consumer drone to allow customers to enhance their social media profiles with 4K aerial photos with the new Mantis G camera drone, the company said.

The latest model in the Mantis series features a gimbal-stabilized camera, which gives the copter its name: Mantis G. Mantis G stays in the air for up to 33 minutes before it lands automatically, where it can be folded. Thanks to the seamless social media integration, the pilots can immediately share their recordings with friends and family.

The Mantis G software is based on theopen source PX4 code, which is known for its stability and reliability. In addition, integrated No Fly Zones prevent the copter from flying into protected areas around international airports.

Yuneec International Co. Ltd. is an electric aviation company with core technologies that include manned aircraft, remote controlled model aircraft and drones for commercial and private use. Yuneec has branches in North America, Europe and Asia, producing over one million products a year for a broad customer base.