Ytel launches new communications API

Registered telephone carrier Ytel has launched message360°, a communications API, the company said.

Message360° provides the infrastructure to integrate voice, text, email, and direct mail communication within any web-based application, with just a few lines of code.

The API is built for developers to provide the infrastructure to programmatically communicate more efficiently.

The infrastructure for message360° is supported by multiple data centers across North America that provide geographical redundancy, resulting in maximum up-time.

In addition to providing direct access to Tier-1 Carriers, the Ytel network has also been recognized by the United States Congress for advancements in cloud-based communications supporting businesses worldwide.

Ytel® is a preeminent software company, specializing in cloud-based communications solutions that service businesses worldwide. Its SaaS-based offerings include Cloud Contact Center®, message360°®, and sipPro™.