Youzu Interactive recognized as top developer by Google Play

Youzu Interactive and its online game platform GTarcade was recognized as a Top Developer by Google Play, which establishes the company´s strong position in the international market after years of promoting a global strategy, the company said.

The success of GTarcade gives credit to Youzu Interactive´s international success in the mobile and online games industry. With high quality and global themes, RPG browser game League of Angels on GTarcade has been distributed in 150 countries and regions around the world, gaining 200 million active users and bringing in USD 23.1 million monthly at its peak. The game was ranked in the top grossing game lists in 20 countries, and the sequel League of Angels II has been named the Most Anticipated Game in 2016 by MMOsite.

Meanwhile, the mobile game Junior Three Kingdoms released by Youzu Interactive in early 2015 also ranked in the top three on App Store with turnover exceeding USD 15.5 million in 20 days and the highest monthly revenue reaching USD 25 million.

Youzu Interactive, a Chinese entertainment supplier, was established in 2009 by Lin Qi. The company has four main sectors — global game development and distribution, big data application, intellectual property development and operation as well as Pan-entertainment investment.