YouAppi raises USD13.1 to expand into Asia

YouAppi has raised a USD13.1 million Series B funding round, the company said.

The following investors are participating in this round: Hawk Ventures, Global Brain, Click Ventures, Digital Future, Emery Capital, Altair Capital, and existing investors Glilot Capital Partners, 2B Angels and Flint Capital.

This funding round marks a more than 300 percent increase from the last funding round secured by YouAppi, driven by the scale of reaching 1.5 billion global mobile profiles accessing 3,500 mobile apps and sites in 200 countries via 100 billion impressions monthly. Attaining these metrics was made possible by the company´s mobile customer acquisition technology and teams in San Francisco and New York in the US, and China, India, Israel, Singapore, Germany and the UK.

The company´s OneRun Platform conducts real-time multi variant analysis to understand the KPIs for each app. This is facilitated by the ongoing management of campaigns that deliver mobile app recommendations while analyzing over 250 terabytes of data daily. YouAppi drives customer acquisition via 15,000 campaigns for 450 leading advertisers, offering one single point to streamline mobile media buying.

Before closing this round, YouAppi proved the efficacy of its offering in Asia already working with Baidu, UC Union (Alibaba Mobile Business Group), Sungy Mobile, Apus, NewBornTown, Kika and Bandai Namco, as well as global YouAppi clients. Chinese revenue is expected to double in 2016 from 10 percent to 20 percent of YouAppi´s global revenue.

The money raised in this funding round is earmarked for global expansion, moving the company´s headquarters to San Francisco, and to continue enhancing YouAppi´s innovative OneRun.

YouAppi is a fully managed solution for premium mobile brands, providing one single point to streamline their mobile media buying. YouAppi´s OneRun platform combines the power of machine learning with our proprietary predictive algorithms, and cohort technology, to analyze the mobile content consumption patterns of over 1.5B users, converting data into profitable users.