YOU On Demand expands strategic partnership with Huawei

YOU On Demand Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: YOD) has signed an expanded distribution agreement with Huawei Software Technologies Co., Ltd., where both companies shall leverage their respective expertise, technology and infrastructure to provide YOD-branded true/transactional (TVOD) and subscription (SVOD) video-on-demand offerings in Mainland China, the company said.

Utilizing Huawei´s InTouch service delivery platform, the partnership will offer YOU On Demand the ability to improve the end-users´ experience, accelerate time-to-market of YOD´s new services and increase revenue with tools and information that will boost YOD´s ability to seize market opportunities and increase subscriber growth. The Huawei SDP Partnership is a cooperative alliance that empowers telecom operators to distribute content, communication and entertainment services by hosting and offering E2E management services and a bridge to content owners and distributers, like YOU On Demand.

By providing an integrated broadcast control and content service platform along with video on-demand operations services, the Huawei SDP would be akin in functionality to Apple´s iTunes distribution platform but with additional back-end billing and operational support. By leveraging this platform and working under a revenue sharing model, YOD will be able to reach a wider audience of Huawei-related users and partners while simultaneously reducing its operating expenses.

The YOU On Demand branded zone will offer its licensed content through both a TVOD and SVOD option.

Huawei is a global ICT solutions provider. The company has established end-to-end capabilities and strengths across the carrier networks, enterprise, consumer, and cloud computing fields.

YOU On Demand is leveraging and optimizing its current operations as a premium content Video On Demand service provider in China by evolving into a global, B2B2C, mobile-driven, consumer management platform for both enterprises and consumers.