YOU On Demand, BPO Global plan e-, video commerce vertical

China-based YOU On Demand Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: YOD), through its PRC subsidiary Tianjin Sevenstarflix Network Technology Limited (SSF) and BPO Global company Ltd., a global exporter of Korean products, have entered into a strategic partnership for the sale and distribution of Korean goods and products into Mainland China, the company said.

Utilizing many of China´s online and cross-border trading and exchange platforms, BPO will operate an exclusive “South Korean Zone” which will offer South Korean-made products, while YOU On Demand will lead business development and content commerce marketing services which infuses content throughout the entire shopping experience.

This engaging and high sell-through approach to marketing first evokes a purchasing desire through content and then satisfies that desire right away by providing a shopping opportunity. YOU On Demand will use content commerce marketing to promote BPO´s product categories, throughout YOD´s multimedia, social networking and e-commerce-enabled network.

The ability to leverage Korean celebrities and TV shows has also been one of the major reasons many Korean brands have been able to surge ahead in China. YOU On Demand and BPO will be targeting the explosive growth of Korean products and culture in China and will be the exclusive providers of Korean products on multiple cross-border trading and exchange platforms.”

YOU On Demand optimises its current operations as a premium content Video On Demand service provider in China by evolving into a global, B2B2C, mobile-driven, consumer management platform for both enterprises and consumers. It is headquartered in both New York, NY and Beijing, China.