Yonomi launches Yonomi Thin Cloud Platform

Yonomi has expanded its IoT platform with the launch of Yonomi Thin Cloud, a service that helps connected device makers get to market quickly with a secure, ultra-scalable Cloud framework, the company said.

Yonomi Thin Cloud offers unparalleled flexibility with the option to either purchase the Yonomi Thin Cloud source code or to deploy Yonomi Thin Cloud as a Platform-as-a-Service with continuous updates, enhancements, management and monitoring.

The lightweight platform is an obvious choice for newer device manufacturers. But the scalability, security and fixed cost have attracted major connected device manufacturers, including smart lock manufacturer and Allegion brand Schlage, who is now deploying Yonomi Thin Cloud to support millions of devices.

The Yonomi Thin Cloud modern serverless and scalable architecture enables device makers to provision, commission, monitor and manage their connected products and efficiently capture the associated “big data.” It also provides rich end user management permissions and messaging, which is crucial for the success of consumer smart products.

Thin Cloud deploys to Amazon Web Services and is optimized to efficiently consume resources allowing vendors to minimize their on-going costs.

Allegion recently made an equity investment in Yonomi to help accelerate the platform´s integration with key devices in the connected space. This funding will also be utilized to help scale Yonomi´s enterprise services for device makers and recruit additional talent. With this investment, Allegion Futurist and Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships Rob Martens joins Yonomi´s Board of Directors.

The framework for Yonomi Thin Cloud came out of the work Yonomi´s engineers have put into developing an enviable integration platform for the company´s popular consumer app. The free Yonomi app for iPhone and Android connects all of your smart home devices and gets them to work together.

The app currently integrates with more than 60 popular smart home devices, including Schlage electronic locks, Amazon Echo, Sonos, Logitech, Harmony Hub, Honeywell WiFi Thermostats, LIFX bulbs and more. Consumers can set up customized Yonomi Routines involving multiple smart home products to make home life simpler and more comfortable. Yonomi´s consumer use base has grown rapidly since the app´s launch in 2015 and is now used across more than 150 countries.

Yonomi simplifies the smart home for both consumers and device manufacturers. The free Yonomi consumer app for iPhone and Android connects all of your devices and gets them to work together through customized and automated Routines. The Yonomi Thin Cloud service enables device makers to connect to the cloud and get to market quickly with a secure, scalable and lightweight framework. Yonomi is used across more than 150 countries. The company is headquartered in Boulder and Austin.