Yippy delivers 2nd-generation data compression platform to Globalstar

Yippy, Inc. (OTC: YIPI) has delivered the first shipment of Blue Flame Appliances for second-generation compression systems to Globalstar, Inc. (NYSE MKT: GSAT) to leverage the Yippy EASE 360 platform and proprietary data compression, optimization and security software, the company said.

Yippy´s industry leading software platform will provide a broadband-like data experience to Globalstar´s existing and prospective subscribers, and the service will be available for both first and second generation satellite services.

Based in Fort Myers, Florida, Yippy, Inc. specializes in the development of search-based applications, data normalization and aggregation through enterprise application (app) service environments (EASE) for consumer and enterprise markets.

Globalstar provides mobile satellite voice and data services, leveraging the world´s newest mobile satellite communications network.