Yapta launches TravelAI to improve travel program performance

Yapta, a tracking service for airfare and hotel pricing, has announced the launch of Yapta TravelAI, an advanced analytics solution for enterprise customers, the company said.

The platform allows procurement teams and corporate travel managers to mine large datasets of travel spend for new opportunities to reduce travel costs, evaluate against benchmarks, improve supplier negotiations, and overall travel program performance, the company said.

Yapta TravelAI automatically captures pricing data on available, booked, and contract (ABC) airfares and hotel rates when travelers purchase an itinerary. The solution improves the effectiveness of travel sourcing programs by providing procurement teams with airfare and hotel pricing data from the time of booking up until the time of travel for full visibility into prices throughout the travel lifecycle.

Yapta´s offers airline/hotel price assurance, analytics, and cost savings, transforming data into savings, insights and reports.