Xsight Systems debuts new runway surveillance solution

Xsight Systems, a developer and provider of advanced runway sensor solutions, is proud to announce today a new, innovative solution – Xsight Runway Black Boxâ„¢, the company said.

The Runway Black Boxâ„¢ provides continuous recording and monitoring of runways and their adjacent areas. Collocating day and night optical sensors with the runway´s edge lights allow for close-up, continuous video recording of runway activity during days, nights and inclement weather conditions.

In the event of a runway incident or accident, the system provides runway footage for post-event investigation and analysis. This detailed footage offers visual evidence of possible malfunctions, pilot error, equipment failure and runway conditions that might have led or contributed the event.

The patent pending Runway Black Boxâ„¢ is innovative monitoring solution offers many strategic advantages in terms of technology, location, installation as well as multiple other applications. The system requires no dedicated infrastructure and installation can be done by any certified electrician.

It incorporates day and night optical sensors that are placed as close as possible to the runway to capture clear and accurate footage. In addition to runway recording and monitoring, the system can be implemented for monitoring strategic locations adjacent to the runway such as fences, waterlines and other areas of concern. It is also ideal for runway construction monitoring.

Xsight Systems is the provider of advanced runway sensor solutions and has been utilized by airports worldwide. Visit http://www.xsightsys.com for more information.