XL Catlin unveils online platform to quote and deliver newly enhanced personal & business aircraft insurance

To keep pace with the insurance needs of the world´s largest personal & business (P&B) aviation market, XL Catlin has adopted a new online platform — VB Bind Speed — and joined Aero Quote´s network to quickly quote, bind and instantly deliver a newly enhanced P&B aircraft insurance policy in the US, the company said.

The system´s features include auto-generation of quotes, invoices and full policy documents upon binding in PDF format.

Airports in the US are home to more than 117,000 active P&B aircraft, per General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) statistics, flying over 9 million flight hours annually.

XL Catlin´s new aviation insurance platform is available through AeroQuote or directly from XL Catlin´s broker portal. For access to VB Bind Speed, please contact your local XL Catlin Aviation underwriter or send an email to: vbindspeed@xlcatlin.com.

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