XKL launches eVolocity platform

XKL LLC, a provider of fiber optic networking systems, has expanded the company´s eVolocity platform, now with features to include DWDM networks and lit service handoffs all across the same interface, the company said.

This capability allows customers to connect physically separate private DWDM networks within a single platform.

The ability to light dark fiber and interface to lit services, including subsea, terrestrial and aerial, with a single, integrated platform, enables customers to create more flexible networks.

The eVolocity platform also acts as a media converter, aggregating 10GE ports for transport on 100G DWDM wavelengths and on LAN-PHY interfaces. Moreover, it leverages statistical multiplexing at OSI layer 1, giving customers the ability to aggregate more client-side interfaces than the standard 10x10GE solutions.

Privately owned and operated, XKL provides high capacity DWDM optical networking products for robust enterprise deployment, service providers, and seamless cloud migration. The company is headquartered in Kirkland, Washington.