Xiaoshan Tide completes maiden flight to promote Hangzhou City

Xinhua Silk Road Information Service has announced the Xiaoshan Tide aircraft has completed its maiden flight from Hangzhou International Airport to promote eastern China´s Hangzhou City, the service said.

The aircraft was co-launched by Loong Air and Xiaoshan district government, with the theme Xiaoshan Tide depicts a vision of riding the waves of a new era.

After the first flight to Chongqing on September 11, the Xiaoshan Tide is expected to fly to other major Chinese cities and arrive in Beijing in the following two weeks.

As one of China´s 12 mainline airports, the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is also at the core of Hangzhou Airport Economic Demonstration Zone, one of the 14 airport economic demonstration zones in China.

Xiaoshan district has been working on a 22688 scheme for transportation this year, planning to spend 200 billion yuan to build two transportation hubs, two urban ring roads, six track lines, eight urban express roads and eight main roads to establish an integrated network that combines airport, high-speed rail, subway, expressway and trunk lines.