XiamenAir supports UN's sustainable development goals prioritizing carbon reduction

XiamenAir has announced it has called on fellow airlines to follow its positive practices of supporting the UN´s sustainable development direction of the aviation industry, the company said.

XiamenAir has embarked on a scientific and healthy path of sustainable development in the past 35 years since its establishment. The company´s United Dream aircraft carries the UN SDG markings. United Dream embarks on special themed flights to call international attention to realizing SDGs.

XiamenAir has established a traceability system for food safety and became the first airline in China´s civil aviation industry to obtain the FSSC22000 and ISO22000 dual system certification.

In the furtherance of green services, XiamenAir has created green cabins providing bamboo pulp tissues for passengers and is exploring the use of more biodegradable and environmentally friendly cabin supplies to gradually replace the existing cabin supplies, e.g., bamboo pulp paper cups/meal boxes instead of plastic cups/meal boxes.

In the past five years, the airline has deployed 9 aircraft a year and opened 68 routes to underdeveloped areas, with revenue reduction of RMB 1.22 billion if those aircraft fly to other destinations.