Xfinity Mobile enhances data options

Comcast has announced new By the Gig Shared Data options on Xfinity Mobile that give customers the flexibility to choose how much data they need and share it across all lines on their account — offering individuals, groups or families even more ways to customize their mobile plans based on their unique data needs, the company said.

Xfinity Mobile is the first wireless carrier to allow one-click switching between Unlimited and By the Gig, along with the ability for customers to mix Unlimited and By the Gig on an account based on each family or group member´s individual needs.

´Mix and Match´ lets customers combine By the Gig with Unlimited on a single account so each individual has the data option that makes sense for them, while ´Switch and Save´ allows customers to switch between By the Gig and Unlimited during a billing cycle. These unique features are still not offered by most wireless carriers.

Xfinity Mobile is the nation´s first wireless service combining America´s largest and most reliable LTE network with more than 19 million Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots to deliver a great wireless experience, for less money, on the most popular devices. For more information on Xfinity Mobile, go to

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