XCIEN chooses Mimosa Fixed Wireless for ultra-broadband services

Mimosa Networks has announced that XCIEN, one of Mexico´s largest wireless ISPs, has selected Mimosa fiber-fast fixed wireless solutions for the latest expansion of its network of business and residential subscribers, the company said.

XCIEN selected Mimosa access, backhaul and client devices to address the increasing customer demand for ultra-broadband speeds without the expense and hassle of fiber deployment.

XCIEN´s customer base is comprised primarily of urban business customers, including small and medium businesses, small ISPs, cable companies and government entities. In recent years, the WISP has seen tremendous growth in cities with little to no fiber access, and predicts the number of business services to top 3,000 by year-end with more than 1,000 enterprise clients.

Mimosa Networks is the global technology provider of wireless broadband solutions, delivering fiber-fast connectivity to service providers and enterprise, industrial and government operators worldwide. For more information, visit www.mimosa.co.

XCIEN is a wireless Internet service provider operating in Mexico. The company offers the fastest and most economical Internet solutions available, in a matter of days versus the lengthy deployment schedule of alternative solutions. With over 15 years of experience delivering quality and innovative IT solutions, XCIEN is perfectly positioned to make SMEs and large companies more efficient and profitable. For more information about XCIEN, visit our website, www.xcien.mx.