Xandr launches platform for TV, digital media companies

Xandr, AT&T´s advanced advertising & analytics company, has announced the launch of Xandr Monetize, a reimagined strategic selling platform built on the powerful foundation of AppNexus technology, the company said.

Xandr Monetize will enable media companies to unlock the full value of their premium content and improve the advertising experience for consumers.

As content consumption and viewer attention increasingly fragment, Xandr Monetize gives publishers and media owners full control to navigate the consumer journey and client relationships. The platform offers content owners improved monetization, through better inventory management capabilities, data-driven yield optimization, and differentiated buyer demand. With these powerful tools, Xandr Monetize expands the ways in which publishers can package, sell, and measure the performance of their inventory across all screens and devices.

Xandr Monetize encompasses all the features of the former AppNexus seller products, including an ad server, supply side platform (SSP), and yield analytics, and now lays the infrastructure for powerful TV capabilities. The platform unifies and simplifies operations across all inventory and transaction types, as well as demand channels. This allows publishers and media owners to focus on creating more content, innovating with advertising formats, and attracting interested consumers.

While building for the future of monetization, Xandr is already tackling the challenges that digital video buyers and sellers face today. The introduction of Programmatic OTT with Prebid brings programmatic demand to TV by enabling competitive separation across multiple SSPs, on Connected TV devices and other digital TV inventory.

Xandr´s Programmatic OTT with Prebid offers greater control on par with TV norms, including brand safety and frequency capping, while supporting simultaneous competition for inventory by all programmatic demand. It is available through real-time bidding and deals.

The launch of Xandr Monetize also introduces Prebid Server Premium, Xandr´s simplified server-side header bidding solution, for both SSP and ad server customers. As server-side header bidding opens new channels of header bidding demand and improves site performance, Prebid Server Premium simplifies setup and increases operational efficiency through reporting insights across formats and a single source of clearing across SSPs.

Xandr Monetize offers holistic inventory and demand channel management so media companies can capitalize on the convergence of direct-sold and programmatic campaigns and maximize the value of their inventory. In addition to robust deal capabilities, Xandr now offers Programmatic Guaranteed, allowing publishers to pre-agree with, and execute on, reserved delivery commitments with programmatic buyers without compromising control over how their inventory is monetized.

Foundational to Xandr Monetize are industry-leading forecasting analytics and data-driven yield optimization. Yield analytics, formerly Yieldex, brings a long history of forecasting insights development with unparalleled accuracy. This allows for planning, pacing, and decisioning for direct and programmatic selling throughout the Xandr Monetize product suite, including current and future TV solutions and the ad server.

Xandr is AT&T´s advertising company and a provider of addressable TV, creating a better solution for advertisers and media companies. Xandr Invest and Xandr Monetize, our strategic platforms built on more than a decade of AppNexus´ innovation, optimize media spend across screens for buyers and sellers alike. Community, powered by Xandr, is a curated marketplace of premium publishers, providing access to unique consumer insights in a brand-safe environment. For more than 143 years, AT&T has used data and technology to inform and improve the consumer experience.