XAG services makes 1st drone cargo delivery in Guangzhou

XAG has announced the first drone cargo flight, named Project Vesper Mk1, flew 1.6k and took 3 minutes, the company said.

A joint development between Airbus and XAG is the start of an MVP service using the Project Vesper Mk1 cargo drone, a retrofitted XAG P-30 aircraft, the company said.

Significantly contributing to the future of crop yield, reduction of pesticides, and precision farming in China, XAG has been developing crop-dusting drones since 2013, and now accounts for more than half of China´s commercial drone flights.

Airbus and XAG teams have combined efforts to develop a Minimal Viable Product service to start testing deliveries. This MVP is built on top of the P30 platform, XAG´s plant protection drone. With a take-off weight slightly under 25 kilos, and a payload of up to 4 kilos, this drone flies at an altitude of less than 400 ft at up to 12 meters a second. The objective of the trial is to validate a highly automated delivery flight from the vendor to the destination and back, across precisely pre-selected pathways.

Formerly known as XAircraft, XAG is an agriculture technology company working in precision agriculture and remote sensing drones, founded in 2007 and headquartered in Guangzhou, China.