XAG Joins Bayer to host drone-based crop solution

China-based XAG has announced it has collaborated with Bayer to host a crop dusting drone demonstration on citrus trees, the company said.

XAG´s Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) fruit tree solution is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 3D flight mode. XAG´s fruit tree solution is the world´s first all-terrain autonomous drone spraying technology that resolves the global challenge of applying pesticides and fertilisers on complex terrains, such as mountains, hills and terraces.

The partnership between XAG and Bayer, combining pioneer crop science research with advanced agriculture technology, aims to develop an innovative horticulture crop solution that would improve food safety and encourage healthy diet with high-quality fruits and vegetables.

XAG is an agriculture technology company and industrial UAS manufacturer, which developed its own patented agriculture drones, sensors and other digital farming tools for precision spraying, granule spreading, mapping and real-time crop monitoring.