XAG drones use signal increase in profit margin in South African sugar cane fields

Drone company XAG has announced its P Series drones, equipped with specialty spraying technology, have been deployed for a recent sugarcane ripening trail in South Africa, the company said.

Drone reports show an evident increase in the amount of sugar extracted from these canes. This might signal a potential improvement in profit margin for the cane growers, who have been incurring loss from the country´s ailing sugar industry.

South Africa´s USD 833 million sugar industry has been struggling to stay competitive in the global market. Crop-spraying drones, meanwhile, gently tap in and get prepared to give a new lease of life to this industry.

Drones are designed by XAG to facilitate precision application in agriculture. They can smoothly operate on various terrains, no matter steep slopes or irregular-shaped plots, which are common places where most South African sugarcane plants are grown. Owing to real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning and the special atomised nozzles, XAG drones can spray more precisely and evenly on target areas without affecting the neighbouring fields not yet ready for ripening. This help cut down the use of chemicals by 30% and converse agricultural water by 90%.

The introduction of precision drones into farming complements government´s determination to rejuvenate the sugar industry. The Department of Trade, Industry and Competition has announced the Sugar Masterplan this June that marks a major milestone in efforts to ensure the health and longevity of the industry.

XAG is an agriculture technology company with 13 years of technical experience in unmanned aerial system (UAS) and seven years of practical experience in innovative field applications.