XAG drone fleets initiate UAS cotton defoliation operation

China-based agriculture technology company XAG has announced the initiation of its Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) spraying operation, the company said.

Since late August, over 1500 drone pilots and 1000 crop protection teams with approximately 3000 sets of XAG P Series Plant Protection UAS have convened in Xinjiang to help local cotton growers spray defoliant and boost crop yields.

XAG is the first drone maker to introduce UAS precision spraying technology into the rural area of Xinjiang.

Since tapping into the smart agriculture sector in 2013, XAG has transformed crop protection approach on a wide variety of crops, ranging from cotton, rice, wheat, corn to fruit trees, with its precision agriculture devices operated under high-accuracy navigation network. Artificial intelligence and Internet-of-Things are also developed to help farmers manage their fields more scientifically as well as creating a transparent, traceable food value chain.