Optimizing the Post-Purchase Experience

Remarkably, one of the most anxious moments in all of ecommerce for your customers is the one right after they’ve paid for their purchases. What you do to reassure them will determine whether or not they remain a one-time buyer or become a repeat customer. Take it upon yourself to master optimizing the post-purchase experience and you’ll be well on your way to creating a large following of the latter.

Here’s what you need to do.

Communicate Your Appreciation Immediately

The first thing shoppers want to know is their order was received and their product is in fact on its way. Dispatch a personalized “thank you” email message right away, expressing your appreciation to them by name for the purchase. Provide a link to the site at which the shipment can be tracked and include the tracking number to facilitate the process. Confirm all order information, including the details regarding the product(s) purchased, the shipping address and the expected delivery date.

Invite Them to Join Your Community

While you have their attention with that message, it’s a good time to invite them to follow your social feed and tell their friends what they just bought. You can also go for an impulse sale by showing them products people who bought what they just purchased also acquired. The message should also give them an opportunity to join your customer loyalty program and sign up for your newsletter feed. This is also a good time to ask them to complete a survey regarding your purchase process.

About That Loyalty Program

When you invite customers to join, make sure registration is simple and quick. Provide a dedicated page on the site, accessible only by members of the loyalty group where you keep special offers, product previews and other awards. Make those awards based on points earned. As you likely know, ebooks online stores can provide so many points per download, based on something like the purchase price. An award is then generated automatically when the threshold is crossed.

Provide Strong Customer Support

Set up efficient methods of handling customer calls, emails, text messages and chats. Profiles should be easy to access by your customer service team, so customers can be addressed by name and their transactions found easily. As calls start coming in, you’ll get some questions more than others. These should be used to populate a FAQ page on your site. You should also pay use these recurring queries to determine which processes might need more attention. Train your customer service team to always look for the best possible solution for the customer—without giving away the store.

Personalize all Communications

Send birthday notes with special offers, and acknowledge significant milestones like one, five and 10-year anniversaries of doing business with you. Thank them for providing referrals by rewarding them with perks they’ll find valuable. Your main goal in all of this is to ensure your customers always feel taken care of.

Optimizing the post purchase experience with this in mind will win you a loyal following of repeat customers. As you’ve no doubt heard (or read) many times, it is far less costly to keep an existing customer happy than it is to go out and get a new one. When people express confidence in your business by making a purchase, all you really have to do is keep them believing it was a smart idea.

That’s really your only job.