Wrapify leaves incubator early due to success

Wrapify said it is graduating from tech startup incubator EvoNexus significantly ahead of schedule.

The innovative advertising platform connecting drivers and brands to create powerful and memorable out-of-home advertising has already gained 2,000 drivers in less than three months.

Wrapify´s breakout success means it is graduating from EvoNexus with two offices and USD1 million in funding.

“It´s beyond gratifying to see our idea embraced and validated so swiftly in the marketplace,” said Wrapify CEO James Heller. “We owe EvoNexus great thanks for their support and encouragement as we seek to change the world of out of home advertising; it will not be forgotten.”

Wrapify empowers drivers to monetize one of their primary material assets: their car.

The first ad platform with an iOS application that creates economic value to consumers, Wrapify´s unique proprietary technology bridges the gap between drivers and advertisers. Drivers earn extra cash GPS technology tracks their daily commute and other travels, paying them by the mile, while advertisers reach 20x as many potential customers as traditional billboards.

“Wrapify has put the ubiquitous vehicle advertising bumper sticker and magnetic signage on steroids, and invented a new business model. Their unique vehicle wrap ad and GPS location based business model has gained compelling traction very fast. We were thrilled to have them in EvoNexus and be a part of their fast growth,” said Rory Moore, CEO & Co-Founder of EvoNexus.

Wrapify vehicles are currently on the road in San Diego and San Francisco, and will launch later this summer in Los Angeles, Orange County and Atlanta. More than 1,800 drivers have signed up and the platform already supports advertisers including Petco, Coldcock Whiskey, HomeHero, Captiv8.io and Unreel.io.