WOW! Partners offers discounted services to Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce members

Broadband and communications service provider WOW! Business has partnered with the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce to provide more than 1,600 Chamber of Commerce members “Member Program Discounts” on high-speed Internet and data, video programming and business phone services, the company said.

The partnership is part of a joint effort to support the local businesses that drive and shape Charleston´s growing economy.

As part of the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce´s “Member Discount Program,” WOW! Business is offering up to 45 percent off high-speed Internet services at speeds up to 600Mbps, 35 percent off high-speed data up to 10Gbps, 20 percent off basic and fully-featured business voice lines and up to 60 percent off digital and HD video programming. By leveraging group buying power, Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce members can save big where it matters most.

WOW! Business will offer affordable, reliable and tailored business solutions to help Chamber members focus on their customers, not their telecommunications systems.

Established in 1773, the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce is distinguished as the first municipal Chamber of Commerce in the United States with more than 1,600 current active members, including Microsoft, Boeing, Walmart and PNC. The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce´s “Member Discount Program” offers discounts and group purchasing opportunities on the products and services that matter most. Chamber of Commerce members can also receive discounts from Staples and UPS as well as gain access to a vast network of healthcare resources through BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina.

WOW! Business will offer “Member Program Discounts” to chamber members during a six-month trial period before the three-year agreement takes effect.

WOW!´s service area surpasses three million residential, business and wholesale consumers. It provides service in 20 markets, primarily in the Midwest and Southeast, including Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kansas, Maryland, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia.

With more than 1,600 member organizations representing 125,000 professionals, the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce serves as the collective voice of the business community and a catalyst for advancing the region´s economy and enhancing members´ success through Advocacy, Innovation, Talent and Business Advancement.