WorldFlix secures USD7.5m equity purchase agreement

WorldFlix, Inc., (OTC: WRFX) has signed a deal with Blackbridge Capital, LLC. to receive USD7.5 million to bolster the release of App Farm´s triple encryption Internet safety protection application, Swantry, and further the company´s advantageous strategy for Drobbits; the company´s cloud based game creation and distribution platform, the company said.

The company has established funding to enable the efficient execution of potential opportunities that can contribute substantially to the outlook and future revenues of the company, while diligently advancing on the development of Drobbits and Swantry.

Swantry is a revolutionary app for android smart devices originally designed to help parents protect children from cyberbullying and other dangers, using new triple encryption technology and management tools. By virtue of this new capital, APP FARM is positioned to further entertain potential Joint Venture interests, representing companies capable of placing Swantry on tens of thousands of smart phones.

Blackbridge is set to purchase up to USD7,500,000 of the Registrant´s common stock through a Regulation A offering, in tranches up to a USD200,000, over an expected 12 months or less.

Swantry is a development of the App Farm, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the publicly traded company, WORLDFLIX, INC. (WRFX).

Blackbridge Capital, LLC., based in New York, is a leading alternative investment fund focused on high growth investments in small to mid-cap companies. Founded with a vision to forge long lasting relationships, the firm is focused on understanding what their portfolio companies need to accelerate growth, and how investment capital can propel them.

WorldFlix, Inc. is newly emerging as a holding company targeting the acquisition of undervalued, niche companies with high growth potential, income-producing commercial real estate properties and high return investments all designed to pay a dividend to our shareholders.

App Farm´s (WRFX) ultimate goal is to trade successfully on the public markets as a recognized name in the app software and now, the gaming industry. The company believes that through their celebrity relationships and entertainment contacts (WEM — WorldFlix Entertainment Management), they can create and promote apps for a wider, more successful reach.