World Heritage Air Museum announces new headquarters

The World Heritage Air Museum (WHAM) said it has opened its new headquarters and flight operations base at a renovated hanger at Oakland County International Airport (OCIA).

The hanger will be home to several rare vintage jets from around the world where visitors can get an up close view and learn more about the aircraft and the roles they played in history.

The mission of World Heritage Air Museum is to rescue military jet aircraft from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, return them to flight status, and use them to encourage the youth of America to dream, wonder, and soar. The current collection of jets originated from around the world including Britain, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Spain, France, Russia and Poland.

WHAM was founded in 2011 at Detroit City Airport. That space will continue to serve as the maintenance and restoration location while the Oakland County facility in Waterford will be the flight operation base and group tour location.