Workplace by Facebook getting Formative Chatbot integrations

Formative, a cloud-based platform for productivity tools (bots), has announced that its integrations for Workplace by Facebook will be made available in the coming weeksthe company said .

Formative is among a select group of Workplace partners that have integrated with Workplace´s newly announced App Directory.

Formative bots can be integrated with any enterprise communication platform, and Workplace by Facebook is the first they will be launched. Other Formative bots help with resource management, scheduling, and employee engagement.

Formative is a cloud-based platform of productivity tools that are used alongside with enterprise communication and collaboration networks.

Formative bots automate business tasks, and streamline processes at scale, resulting in increased productivity. Our mission is to empower people with virtual assistants (chatbots) to get work done anytime and anywhere. Formative works with organisations of all sizes and industries such as retail, NGOs, finance, and healthcare. Learn more at