Workato releases integrated non-profit business suite

Workato said it has announced a new business suite for non-profit organizations.

The Workato Integrated Non-profit Suite (WINS), designed to reduce administrative costs by automating tedious business tasks, will enable non-profit organizations to reduce their administrative burden and gain more time and energy to focus on their cause.

At the core of the new WINS is a comprehensive set of pre-built workflows across the most commonly utilized cloud apps such as Salesforce, QuickBooks, Eventbrite, MailChimp and Click & Pledge. These workflows can be used as-is by non-profits or easily customized to meet their unique requirements.

“Workato´s new suite for non-profits will allow them to focus on their mission and not technology,” said Tal Frankfurt, the Founder and CEO of Cloud for Good and a Salesforce MVP. “Non-profits understand that their relationships with their constituents are constantly evolving. Instead of spending hours comparing files, importing and exporting data, and attempting to de-duplicate these various data sources they can focus on relationships.”

Intuit´s QuickBooks is another app that can be automated within WINS to automate back office workflows between QuickBooks and donor, pledge, payment and expense management apps.