Workato integrates with Slack's Message Menus

Workato, an enterprise-class cloud integration and automation platform, has announced a new Workbot integration for Slack´s Message Menus, the company said.

Workbot´s new integration provides business users with an elegant and simple way to access applications, commands, or integration and automations, through Slack´s drop-down Message Menus, resulting in faster responses and reporting across business functions. Slack is a digital workplace that connects users to the people and tools they work with everyday.

A key benefit to the Workbot ´Schedule´ feature in Message Menus is that it allows scheduling of bot commands to automatically generate reports, send notifications, start workflows, or run custom automations in Slack. For example, sales teams can create a schedule from Salesforce, to check the status of open leads and opportunities every morning; customer support reps can create schedules from Zendesk, to see a list of urgent tickets that require attention each week; and marketing teams can create schedules from Mixpanel, to see key conversion information every hour.

Connecting business apps is simplified through Message Menus, helping users to access apps right from Slack. This allows Workbot to do things like unfurl URLs from Salesforce and Github, send personalized notifications, and complete actions inside of the app, like creating a new campaign in MailChimp or close a ticket in Zendesk. Previously, users would have to scroll through a list of apps before selecting the desired application. Slack´s Message Menu feature eliminates the process of manually scrolling through the list of available applications, replacing it with an alphabetized drop down menu.

Workato, a leader in cloud and on-premise automation and a no-code integration platform, enables you to seamlessly integrate with thousands of apps to automate your workflows. Trusted by over 15,000 customers, it is the only platform that provides an agile, self-service way to integrate your Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, DevOps and ITOps stacks for all types of businesses – SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.