Wireless service provider optimizing its network using SDN analytics and automation technology

XL Axiata, one of Indonesia´s telecommunications service providers covering 90 percent of the country´s population, has deployed Packet Design technologies to ensure optimum service delivery over its IP/MPLS mobile and core networks, the company said.

XL Axiata chose the Packet Design Explorer Suite, including its Carrier SDN analytics and automation capabilities, to improve troubleshooting, automate traffic engineering to avoid link congestion, and mitigate risk as it expands and rolls out new services.

The Explorer Suite uniquely correlates always-current routing and path behavior with traffic flows and network infrastructure performance to reveal how routing events and failures affect service delivery. With these real-time, historical, and predictive analytics, XL Axiata can plan, implement, and assure its services effectively.

Packet Design technology is used in the world´s largest and most complex networks to improve network availability and performance, mitigate the risk from change, and enhance customer satisfaction. Its real-time telemetry and analytics are now powering intelligent automation by SDN controllers and service orchestrators in multi-layer, multi-vendor ecosystems. Packet Design customers deliver differentiated services faster and more economically, run their networks hotter with greater resiliency, and achieve first-mover competitive advantages. Visit www.packetdesign.com for more information.