Wireless Carrier Eliminates Overage Charges, Adds Hotspot Data through July 31

US Cellular (NYSE: USM), the fourth-largest full-service wireless carrier in the United States, has announced that it has extended and expanded its support for customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company said.

From now through July 31, 2020, US Cellular customers on any plan will continue to have the data they need and not be charged any overages.

Specifically, the company took the following proactive steps:

Eliminated overage charges for customers on smartphone legacy plans, including Shared Connect and other postpaid and prepaid plans with data limits, so they can use the data they need without worrying about their bill.

Provided Unlimited Everyday and Even Better Plan customers with an extra 15GB of hotspot data to adjust to shifting and varying work arrangements.

Eliminated data limits on all High-Speed Internet plans, so customers utilizing US Cellular´s broadband-quality in-home Wi-Fi service can continue to have the data they need as various shelter-in-place orders remain or get extended.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, US Cellular´s network teams have steadfastly monitored the network 24 hours a day, increased investments in capacity and made network enhancements to meet changing wireless needs. Additionally, US Cellular continues to expand its 5G service in Iowa and Wisconsin, and new 5G markets remain on track to be introduced later this year.

US Cellular provides national network coverage and industry-leading innovations designed to elevate the customer experience. The Chicago-based carrier is online at www.uscellular.com.