“Windsor Power” is in action around the world

After Kate and William’s wonderfully traditional and glamorous Royal Wedding, “Windsor Power” is in action around the world.

Prince William to Catherine Middleton’s spectacular Royal event delivered hundreds of millions of pounds in extra revenue for memorabilia manufacturers, and a major tourism boost for the British capital. Across the world, millions still come to understand Britain through the medium of monarchy.

The literature, culture, history, commerce and politics of the U.K. receive a remarkable global airing thanks to the unquenchable human interest in monarchy. For families, of whatever creed or color, are naturally drawn to the stories of other families.
Traditionally British history has stories of princes locked in the tower; wives beheaded; sisters imprisoned and great kingship built on the effective display of martial valour.
But today, it’s all different, the modern monarchy represents is “soft power”.

Part of the Windsor Family’s function now is the selling of Britain abroad. Alongside the BBC, the Commonwealth, the English language, our diplomatic corps, the modern monarchy is as much about trying to maximize the U.K.’s global leverage as any constitutional process.