Windsor chooses INCITE for retail associate empowerment & brand growth

Windsor, known for clothing that fits the life and work styles of today´s junior and contemporary women, has selected the mobile platform INCITE from Multimedia Plus, to communicate product knowledge and selling skills that deliver results with a private broadcast network and analytics, the company said.

The communications modules of INCITE will fully immerse associates with branded, highly engaging video that brings brands and products to life, while verifying employees´ interaction with content and providing KPI-driven training and communications data. Proprietary analytics tools identify, by employee areas of improvement and opportunities to reward.

Embracing the mACP (mobile associate communication platform) trend, the program will rollout on tablets, allowing associates to learn on the sales floor where the action happens and is the greatest success factor in nurturing better, faster, and smarter associates. The program will include signature features such as video without streaming, a fully branded experience, untethered mobility, and real-time results.

Established in 1937, Windsor caters to today´s junior and contemporary woman with 171 stores throughout the US and its eCommerce site.

New York based Multimedia Plus (MMP) is transforming the way brands communicate globally by providing App-based communications for the frontline to improve performance. High success rates of the program are due to bite-size learning segments, fully customized programs, and the ability to easily track results that leads to greater communications and mentoring of staff. MMP´s proprietary technology platform, INCITE powered by QuizScore®, ensures performance and execution of company strategies — where it counts — with customers. The platform correlates to business results, offers real-time skill building, and utilizes proprietary low-bandwidth delivery of HD video. The company´s programs are being used by brands globally and are translated into more than 22 languages.