Wind River Introduces Kubernetes-Based Cloud Native Solution

Wind River®, a provider of delivering software for the intelligent edge, has announced Wind River Cloud Platform, a high-performance, production grade Kubernetes-based offering for managing edge cloud infrastructure, the company said.

Optimized for the network edge, the platform addresses the service provider´s complex challenges of deploying and managing a physically distributed, cloud native vRAN infrastructure.

Cloud Platform leverages the OpenStack Foundation´s open source project StarlingX to deliver the foundation for a geographically distributed managed solution able to simplify Day 1 and Day 2 operations by providing single-pane–of-glass (SPoG), zero-touch automated management of thousands of nodes, no matter their physical location. The platform provides orchestration of fully automated software updates and upgrades across a geo-distributed cloud, with rollback capabilities.

Unlike enterprise-class IT platforms, Cloud Platform is an out-of-the-box open source solution designed specifically for edge compute that delivers ultra-low latency with deterministic performance. This is critical for high-availability, performance sensitive 5G virtualized radio infrastructure, as well as advanced applications such as autonomous vehicles.

Cloud Platform scales from a single compute node at the network edge to enable ultra-low cost deployments, up to thousands of nodes to meet the needs of high-value applications as they grow. Remote nodes can survive control plane disconnection and continue to operate and re-synchronize upon reconnection. All control functions can exist at all sites. Remote sites can be zero-touch enrolled and replicated across thousands of sites with fully automated deployment of known-good configurations.

Cloud Platform´s common virtualization architecture can enable service providers to create a single approach to cloud infrastructure across far edge, near edge, regional, and core data center site elements within a planned 5G deployment topology. The distributed infrastructure can be managed as a single high-availability cloud, and do so with both containers and VMs co-existing seamlessly.

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