Willamette Valley Bank Picks Comcast Business for Connectivity Backbone

Comcast Business has announced that Willamette Valley Bank has selected Comcast Business Internet solutions and software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) as the connectivity backbone for new customer-facing digital banking services, as well as to support a future migration to the cloud and enhance network reliability for employees, the company said.

With its customer-first mindset and willingness to continuously improve and upgrade service offerings, Willamette Valley Bank deployed Comcast Business at 12 of its 19 locations, including Ethernet Dedicated Internet over fiber to five sites; Business Internet to nine sites; and Ethernet Network Service over fiber to the bank´s headquarters and four additional bank branches, tying the core together with the next-generation ActiveCore SD-WAN.

After reevaluating its legacy MPLS network infrastructure which revealed several issues, SD-WAN coupled with high bandwidth now provides reliable connectivity; all branch employees can now connect to the core processing platform that runs all the branches´ financial applications at once, eliminating previous frustrations around connectivity while making operations more efficient.

It has allowed the bank to plan future enhancements to its customer-facing applications, including one that has already launched through its core processor: live, real-time access to account services and balances via online banking — a service the bank was unable to implement under its previous legacy network.

Willamette Valley Bank was founded almost two decades ago, when local business owners — dissatisfied with the service they were receiving from other financial institutions — decided to form their own bank. Over the years, the bank has grown to 19 branch locations across Oregon, Idaho and Washington that provide both personal and business banking, with expansion driven by customer demand rather than a need to grow.

Building on the success of the bank´s service upgrade, Willamette Valley Bank has multiple other customer-facing applications in progress that will allow customers to seamlessly interact with them via digital platforms, as well as better position Willamette Valley Bank to remain competitive well into the future.