WidePoint enables delivery of digital certificates to mobile devices

WidePoint Corporation (NYSE: WYY) said that WidePoint has released two new mobile applications that enable the secure creation, delivery, and installation of digital certificates to Android-based mobile devices.

The apps, WidePoint Person‑ID and WidePoint Derived‑ID, both part of the WidePoint Certificate-on-Device™ solution, make it easy for end-users without specialized knowledge or training to install and use digital certificates on their mobile devices.

The need for a strong authentication solution on mobile devices is significant and growing. Organizations are challenged with the cost and complexity of managing secure mobile computing, seeking solutions that enable their workers to be productive anywhere, any time, on today´s advanced mobile devices.

WidePoint Certificate-on-Device, with its new mobile delivery solution, provides an elegant, cost-effective, and user-friendly solution. It lets organizations give their employees the freedom to use their mobile devices to securely access the same resources they can currently access from their corporate computers.

The solution employs mobile apps that can be pushed to employee mobile devices using the organization´s existing mobile device management (MDM) portal or directly installed by users. The issuing process incorporates a series of challenge authentications and approvals to assure that the requesting party has possession of the mobile device during the entire certificate issuance process.

And unlike other solutions, private/public keys are generated on the device in the native OS store or in a hardware security module, providing maximum protection of the private keys at the time they are generated.

This WidePoint solution has wide applicability. For organizations that utilize a smart card-based ID system, WidePoint Derived-ID enables them to leverage their prior IT investment by trusting their internal vetting process, making it easy to deploy a trusted digital credential on mobile devices over the air, or locally. Organizations without an existing smart card ID system can leverage WidePoint Person-ID, which provides a process to install a digital credential directly on the mobile device, eliminating the need to invest in a smart card system, which requires substantial operational and maintenance overhead.

These two new solutions expand WidePoint´s current Certificate-on-Device offerings to cover the majority of mobile operating systems used in businesses today (including Apple iOS), providing the market with a comprehensive security solution for their diverse mobile assets. In addition, it provides a compliant mobile solution for organizations with mandatory regulatory compliance needs related to accessing, storing, and transmitting data, such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and HSPD-12.

WidePoint provides secure, cloud-delivered, enterprise-wide information technology-based solutions that can enable enterprises and agencies to deploy fully compliant IT services in accordance with government-mandated regulations and advanced system requirements. WidePoint has several major government and commercial contracts.