Why So Many Betting Sites Are Becoming Football Team Sponsors

Sponsorship of football stadiums and team kits has changed a lot since its inception back in the late 80s. For many years alcohol brands looked to use this medium to promote their brands and then we have seen bigger amounts come in from the world of technology. Things have changed somewhat in recent years however and currently it is gambling companies which are making up the biggest investors in sponsorship of football. If we look at the Premier League for example, over half of the teams playing have a betting company sponsoring them. So why is it that so many gambling companies are looking to use football sponsorships in this way? Let’s take a look. 

Big Money 

There is so much money in the game of football right now, especially in the Premier League, and that means that companies have to shell out big cash for sponsorship. In terms of who has the marketing budgets to play with, there is always the betting sites throughout the country who can offer such sums. Tech companies really don’t stand to gain much from this kind of investment, their marketing efforts are better suited elsewhere, but this is not the same for the betting companies. 


These football stadiums and shirts are live billboards and they are directly marketing the brand to a captive audience which falls within their target demographic. Few industries have a marketing opportunity like this and that is why so many companies are know realizing just how good the returns can be on this type of investment. 


The world of online sports betting and gambling is fiercely competitive and each company must do all that they can to stand out. This is why so many companies are looking to football sponsorship, and they do so for 2 reasons. The first is to get ahead of the competition, to promote themselves in a way that the others do not. The second reason is to meet the competition head on and not allow them to get the advantage of sponsoring something when they are not. 


There is something very special in football which gambling companies know they can tap into to secure a better customer base, and that is loyalty. Certain club’s fans won’t be particular newspapers because of their loyalty to the club, they won’t eat in certain restaurants and some won’t even wear colors of another side if they think that it goes against their own club. This extends to sports betting as well and there will be many fans who don’t gamble with ‘X’ company, because they sponsor their rivals. Football is a real obsession for many and gambling companies know that they can tap into this to secure a large and loyal customer base.  This trend shows no sign of slowing down any time soon as more and more gambling companies are unlocking the value which they can find in football sponsorship.